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I Don't Want This Moment To Ever End

Where Everything's Nothing Without You

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Come on in and make yourself at home...
INTERESTS fashion, films, ed westwick, twilight, keira knightley, johnny depp, kate bosworth, diane kruger, russell brand, david boreanaz, liv tyler, kristen bell...
FILM forgetting sarah marshall, lord of the rings trilogy, the chronicles of narnia, harry potter, pirates of the caribbean trilogy, atonement, enchanted, beauty and the beast, aladdin, the little mermaid, win a date with tad hamilton, national treasure, bring it on...
TV bones, the mighty boosh, lost, the office, veronica mars, angel, buffy the vampire slayer, gossip girl, pushing daisies, big bang theory, reaper, heroes, friday night with jonathan ross...
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the buffy to my willowthe will to my elizabeththe serena to my blair
the lizzy to my janethe angela to my bella
the chanel to my keirathe jasper to my alicethe mr darcy to my lizzy
the orlando to my keira

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