Buffy - Close Up


Okay so I will probably get no comments back from this seeing as how I suck and haven't been on here for years but I just wanted to say to anyone out there who reads this that I'm going to try and get back into LJ!

I've missed you all a lot and really did decide that now was probably a good time to come back, start of a new year and all!

Anyways hopefully I shall hear from you guys but if not I really hope you're doing well and I miss you!


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Buffy - Close Up

Friends Only

I've decided that most of my posts are open now so I'm no longer going to be Friends Only (well only for the really personal posts but those are very rare!)
So you are more than welcome to friend me but it's not likely I'll friend back at the moment as I'm happy with my friendslist the way it is!
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Buffy - Close Up

Three Words, Eight Letters...

I have a couple of days off so I thought I’d take part in the picspammy challenge that’s going on at the moment because it looks like fun!

I decided to go for a nice little Gossip Girl spam as it seems like I often neglect the epicness of Chuck/Blair. So to celebrate them (whilst also sticking to the challenge rules!) I decided to do a picspam of their scenes in the first episode of the second season, I also have noticed that they are both way too pretty for their own good and if by chance Chuck ever becomes real I would like to state now that he is mine and I am his!!!

As with all picspams its pretty image heavy so if your computer likes to die on you then I would recommend beating it until it works! Onto the pretty...

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Pretty damn gorgeous wouldn't you agree?!

So how is everyone today?

♥ ♥ ♥
LOTR - *smooch*

One Picspam To Rule Them All...

So as most of you will already know I'm pretty obsessed with Lord of the Rings and given half the chance I would quite happily live in Mirkwood for the rest of my life! :P

So to celebrate that fact and also the superb picspam community that is picspammy I decided to do a picspam. Enjoy! Oh and this is the extended edition of Lord of the Rings: Return of the King because really if you're going to watch these films the extended editions are the only way to go!

The picspam is pretty epic (just like the film!) with just about 250 images under that cut so if your computer likes to crash on you I'd recommend skipping this sparkly bunch of goodness!

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If you made it to this point then congratumalations and have a huge delicious cookie on me! Fancy squeeing over LOTR? Feel free to comment and I shall be more than happy to squee to the most epic proportions with you!

Let's all feel the LOTR love, it's been a while since we've basked in the glory of these films!